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Nov 9, 2009 11:00pm EST
. >>> tropicastorm ida is getting weaker as it approaches the united states but it's still battering parts of the gulf coast with heavy rains. this is video from the southwest coast of alabama tonight. bob ryan is here with more on ida's track and her impact. sfwhob. >> doreen, it will be a major rain producer. that's the impact. the winds have now decreased. you can see on the regional radar, and i will zoom into that, it is pretty much assure heading into mobile bay, mobile, alabama, but on the east side still very heavy rain. look at pensacola, seven inches of rain today and after a very, very wet season, all wait from georgia on into louisiana, the threat from ida not so much the win winds. the tides will be well above average but flooding rains over the next couple of days. tell you more about any impact here. back to you. >> thanks, bob. >>> coming up and to the -- president obama is moving closer to a decision on troop levels in afghanistan. >>> mayor fenty responds to video that shows him using police escorts to bike on prohibited streets. >>> employees at the zoo tell news 4 why a
Nov 10, 2009 11:00pm EST
's a step that's a first in the united states. craig melvin has the report. >> reporter: jennifer went to a tanning bed frequently when she was a teenager and thinks it contributed to her cancer. >> everybody went. >> reporter: they are bagging the county's effort to prevent anyone under the age of 18 from using an indoor tanning bed. >> i think they are cancer machines and should be banned. >> reporter: it's not likely to happen. angela would love to see more counties impose age restrictions. >> it increases a lifetime risk of melanoma by 75%. >> reporter: many challenge the findings but bruce challenged the about to regulate tanning beds all together. the lobbyist says it fda and state of maryland are the only ones with that ablgt. >> we'll have to go to court. >> reporter: they know it will probably happen. they are ready if for a court battle. >> it's to protect kids from getting cancer. >> reporter: it passed you nan mousily. craig melvin, news 4. >>> still to come, a new swine flu vaccine approved by the fda. why there's concern about the production of antibiotics. >>> a man apol
Nov 27, 2009 11:00pm EST
as they try to pass from meco to the united states. >> it's cold out there tonight. >> it almost feels like december. it almost is december. >> we're not ready to feel it. it was an interesting day to watch the sky. a little bit of small hail frr the showerers on to the northwest. more than rain drops. a couple clouds. those were all snow flakes. the high temperature, noontime made it up to 50 degrees. now, we are up to 41 degrees. this novr is almost four wgs warmer than last month? art temperatures or high temperatures, here we are 50. 50s, 60s, 70s. 72, a record high temperature. in the middle part of the country, no sign of real cold stuff coming our way. 30s in the bismarck as we head toward december. there, you can see the overall pattern with ripples moving along. we'll continue to see them, as we get into the week, more rains coming our way. for the big travel day, wisconsin, minnesota, rainshowers in the southwest. up and down the east coast, no matter where you're going and drying. travel conditions will be great. no problems, no storms and dry. in pittsburgh there were snow showe
Nov 2, 2009 11:00pm EST
and younger still need a second dose. 30 million h1n1 vaccine doses have been allocated to the united states. another 10 million are on the way this week. demand is still high. hundreds of people lined up for vaccination clinic at the mall in manassas today. >>> still ahead on news 4 -- a ground beef recall after two deaths. >> incredible story of a baby in the need of a heart transplant and success of a new kind of surgery at johns hopkins. >>> researchers say certain diets could make you more susceptible to depression. >>> and coming up later -- bruce springsteen showing washington who's boss. >> it's a cool night and we have no problems tomorrow for voting. in any area of the country for that matter. >>> coming up in sports -- redskins return to the practice field in preparation for the falcons. speaking of the falcons, they are in action tonight. and how long will ail etch ovechkin b >>> there was a marriage proposal during the second day of hearings on the district's same-sex marriageproposal. a man named adrian got down on one knee and proposed to his boyfriend. they compared it to a b
Nov 7, 2009 11:00pm EST
on his desk to sign. a live look at the united states house of representatives where democrats have passed that sweeping health reform legislation. to sports now. it is going to be tough for you to top that. >> that was monumental. the caps' win wasn't as monumental as that. the capitals made a huge statement proving they can win without three of their veterans, alex ovechkin, mike green and jeff schultz out with injuries. the role players unleashed the furies scoring five times in route to their second win in as many days. playing the panthers. in florida. caps trailing 3-2. the rookie comes away with the puck and jams it in for his first nhl goal. congrats to him. caps tie the game at 3. caps strike again. tom podi, matt bradley in front for quint loonk. he scores and gives the caps a 4-3 lead. he had swine flu and coming on strong. game tied at 4. mike knuble to nicholas backstrom. tries to wrap around. tomas flishman pokes in the rebound. the caps go on to win big'-4. >>> talk football now. on any given sunday upsets can happen. the redskins go into atlanta tomorrow as ten-point
Nov 24, 2009 11:00pm EST
briefly. it's not a big storm. it's moving out of the united states, as a matter of fact. for us, the effects are continuation of clouds. overnight tonight in the future cast, here we are, the area of storminess moves to the north. some moisture comes in. eventually, as we get to thanksgiving day, drier air comes in. another storm forms off the coast. a big threat for any travel trouble. it will bring colder air. that will be in the weekend. so, for tomorrow morning, cloudy, foggy and early morning drizzle. if you are getting up and heading out, watch out for the driving. cloudy. tomorrow will be cloudy. temperatures tomorrow about 56 degrees. the next seven days, for thanksgiving itself, i think quite nice. pa partly sunny skies, temperatures mid to high 50s. then it turns windy, a bit chillier as we get into friday. snow flurries in the mountains of west virginia. weekend looks fine. the next time it does anything would be in the form of rainshowers early next week. >> sounds good. thank you. >>> a local man dives into a pond to save a young dr >>> the city lost one of its migh
Nov 28, 2009 11:00pm EST
of the united states shows up to watch the game. when the president is there in support of the other team's coach you have to be okay with it. the colonials got off to a good start until tonight. craig robinson, the older brother of michelle obama. you see where i'm going. karl hobbs has the colonials at 4-0. more preure as the president and first family a watching the game. george washington loses the ball in the paint. dwayne smith gets a handle on it. there you go with the jam to finally get the colonials on the board. beavers lead 34-24. seth tarver, to the hoop and the foul. three of his game high 18 points. that made the score 48-37. george washington drops to 4-1 on the season with a 64-57 loss. however, they do get to shake hands with the president. >>> to verizon center, hoyas hungry for their fourth-straight win. georgetown in transition. krit wright sends it to craig monroe. to jason clark. up and in for two of his career high 19. later in the first half, jason clark top of the key. baseline, throws it down. the hoyas cruise 97-64, they get the win. good to see georgetown havin
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7